Do You Need An Outside Agency To Complement All Your SEO Services, Or Just Some Of Them?

You can have several dozen employees and still be considered a small business. By most accounts, once you have more than four or five dozen, you’re labeled as a medium-sized business. Congratulations to you if you started up an entrepreneurial dream you had from scratch and have grown it to this size. That’s a major achievement most could only dream of and quite a major accomplishment. However, you’re likely discovering at this point that the bare-bones, do-it-yourself attitude that got you off the ground isn’t quite working anymore now that you’re getting bigger.

You likely got started by yourself, working long hours of free evenings and weekends. You did everything on your own, including starting up your search engine optimization for the business website. Rudimentary SEO is easy enough for one person to do. As money started rolling in and you could afford help, you likely started contracting out particular tasks or hiring employees you could delegate the routine stuff to so you could focus on the big picture and do the things only you can do for your business.

At this point in your growth, you likely have an in-house SEO services team that you’ve put together from over the years. In all likelihood, you’ve got a content creation specialist, someone managing your social media accounts, another person generating backlinks, and the last person handling technical matters. These four or so individuals form up the minimum of a modern SEO services team, and they’ve likely served you well so far. However, if you’re about to go from small business to medium or even big and expanding business, you might know it’s time to call in actual industry professionals. Check out GGG Marketing SEO page for this professionals.

This is where things can get complicated. Hiring an external or third-party SEO services firm or agency is typically a good move, and certainly a cost-effective one. However, how are you going to balance their work with your in-house team? It’s not very likely that you’re thinking about ditching your in-house SEO personnel and letting an outside vendor handle everything from here on out. You know as a successful entrepreneur that when you have effective resources, you keep them. You also know that everyone in your business expects the success of the company and its growth to wind up helping them out individually or career-wise, and suddenly letting go of a group of people so instrumental to your success sends a very bad signal to everyone about the kind of company you’re going to become.

So, you have to find a balance between your SEO services team and the agency you hire to support them. You have two choices here. You can let the outside agency back up everyone on a task-by-task basis, or you can just have them focus on anything your team is deficient in.

In the first case, your outside consultants might sit down with your backlink person and find out where she is generating backlinks, and where she isn’t, and then start coming up with links from sources she doesn’t cover.

In the second case, they might sit down with your entire team and find out that you’ve got plenty of backlinks and social media promotion, as well as a steady stream of content, but they might realize that you don’t have anyone making content go viral or doing local SEO. They can then step in and fill in the gaps while improving existing efforts.

If your business is about to grow from small to something bigger, you probably can thank your in-house SEO services team for a lot of that success. Empower them to keep up the good work by giving them outside industry assistance that scales with their workload and responsibilities.

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